The Stonehorse Bed and Breakfast was first a home, a comfortable and spacious home for the Buchmans and others before the Buchmans. Temple Adkins and his wife lived there and she taught piano. Made of rock and brick, the house was built to stand the test of time.  

      Time has not always been kind to the Stonehorse.  It burned in the sixties and today part of the character of the home is in the fire damaged wood work that has been restored with the smoke damage visible.  The beautiful log cabin design in the wood floors has that "look" that makes the home grand.  The front porch was the Buchman's favorite part of the house when they lived there and their customers love it as well!

       Built in 1910 the stone and brick home has lots of cozy country charm with five spacious bedrooms, all upstairs.  Two full bathrooms one upstairs and one downstairs. Two large dining rooms ready for any event.  It is perfect for family reunions, corporate retreats, wedding events, and quiet weekend getaways.

Our B&B includes breakfast that will be in the refrigerator when you are ready. And it will always be something that you will be able to heat up in the microwave. I always keep the fridge fully stocked .

​Check in time is 3:00pm and Checkout is 11:00am.